Phil Thomas Reviews podcast


Formerly a musician, lecturer in performing arts and artistic director of an arts festival, Philip is now retired and living in Cardiff. For more than twenty five years he has been a reviewer and contributor to specialist music magazines and journals. Philip holds a Master’s Degree in ethnomusicology from Sheffield University. He has a particular interest in primitive roots instruments and recently published an e book for musicologists about the Diddley Bow - the one string slide guitar which is at the heart of the Blues. He is a now a regular reviewer for various internet radio shows and he is now making his reviews available in podcast format to be enjoyed by listeners and to be used by reviewed artists as part of their promotional material if they wish to do so. Phil accepts commissions of all kinds relating to the world of folk, indie and ‘World’ music. Philip has taken part in TV and Radio programmes in Britain, USA and Australia as actor, musician and broadcaster and welcomes opportunities to contribute to programmes and audio or video podcasts. If you would like your music to be considered for inclusion in this podcast then , by all means, reach out, but please don’t send unsolicited material, and be aware that Phil likes to review music that is a little to one side of the mainstream. He is sent a lot of music and is not able to review everything, much as He would like to. Please follow the podcast and share as widely as possible to promote this great music. You can find Phil on Twitter @philsongwriter Note: Music is Phil’s hobby and passion. He does not solicit or accept payment for any of these reviews.