Titans of Doom's new single 'Rise Up'

Birminghams three piece metal/rap/drum n bass alternative band Titian's of Doom released their latest single 'Rise Up' on the 3rd of December.

It's been a funny old year and I can imagine that Titans of Doom have enough exercise books full of ideas to last them until the end of the next decade.

There's a quiet feel of clenched fisted anger in the intro, like the gentle breeze for-telling of an oncoming atomic storm.

Then comes the kick! There's no easing you in. It's a thrill ride through catastrophic mountains of aggressive lyrics and noise!

Ferocious and burning with an anger of injustice and frontman 'Koizenous' ( not his real name) makes you feel that coiled call to arms in the middle of your chest with ever spat syllable.

Through him you become the 'bottle rocket' or 'the angry words'

There's more than a hint of early Slipknot in some of the riffs and how it's pieced together.

Although you get all the influences and you can shout bands at them like 'rage against the machine' 'prodigy' and 'nwa' there is no denying the thick vein of punk and the punk attitude that runs through them.

I love the feel of the guitars, the way they feel muffled and raw, almost live sounding.

The samples and beat have a dirty feel, like they've been passed through a muddy puddle before being processed.

There's been so much to be angry and upset about this year (I mean alot!!) And this song seems to fit all of those situations. Exciting, angry, and inspiring.

Wayne Saunders, YHHTMPC.

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