'i wish you were dead' by "three day monk" review

'I wish you were dead' by Bedfordshire based Three day monk (Tristan Nelson) was released on 18th of January

We here at You haven't heard this music podcast are always looking for something out of the ordinary and,well ,this is that.

It starts with this pop piano ballard sound that I instantly thought "nice sound good voice" then it does this thing where it cuts to bass and a stabby staccato rhythm joined with the vocal, I knew then to sit up and listen.

That's not the last of the surprises in the song.

The whole thing plays out like a jilted lovers unwillingness to accept the rejection of his love.

There's mixed tempos and a multitude of styles from sleazy jazz to pop punk all with dark toned lyrics. It's well produced, ambitious and fresh. Maybe not for everyone but I dug it.

Wayne.... Yhhtmpc

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