Shonali Bhowmik "I'll be you therapy" single review

Musician,actress, comedienne, filmmaker,writer (I'm tired just writing that out!) Shonali Bhowmik released her latest single "I'll be your therapy" on November 13th

This song is a result of the instability and insecurity this turbulent year has brought with it and Shonali says in a fleeting moment of clarity she wrote, recorded and edited a video for this song.

From the opening bars I was transported to a time when indie and brit-pop ruled the airways. There's more than a hint of someone like Shirley Manson or Justine Frischmann to Shonali's style and delivery.

The track has such a solid melody that it allows for the sound and effects to be both playful and place setting, almost stepping in for the scatter brain thoughts of a person in therapy.

It would be all to easy to put the guitar high in the mix, but it almost acts as percussion and has this lovely jangling folky tone, joining up with the bass to make a solid spine for the song.

On top of this there are some lovely dream like vocal melodies and lyrics "swimming in the live stream floating on a daydream" comes to mind as one of my favourites. Whimsical and psychedelic and.....relax ahhhh

Wayne...... Yhhtmpc

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