Sam Wickens new single "strange.24" review

Bangor's Sam Wickens released his new single "strange 24" on the 24th November ahead of his new e.p "Watson" which is due out in February 2021

Sam fits into that current trend of singer songwriters with a low-key EDM twist, what stands out for me with his music, is its earnestness.

This song is a lovely dark edged anomaly. The pulse of the heart beat rhythm captivated me straight away, from this builds a songs that never settles, never finds its patch or niche. Now that may sound like a negative but it's not, this inability to rest into a standard rhythm keeps the song interesting. He constantly adds something, whether that be EDM typed bass sounds or overdriven guitar, and all this matches the abstract interpretative lyrics, which Sam says reflect his battle with mental illness.

The combination of natural instruments mixed with the hyper produced bass and electronics work well to complement each other, then mixed with Sam's voice, which projects a torn weariness that lends itself to truth and honesty



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Check out "strange.24" here