Single review RUSSELL!'S "Scarlett's weekend"

Ontario based RUSSELL! Released his latest single "Scarlett's weekend" on the 18th November on the back of his first release "blueberry faygo"

The song is about a weekend liaison with a girl from out of town, with both parties knowing it's just a fling, and boy can you feel the heat! Think they may of had to call the fire brigade!

The minimal instrumentation means that RUSSELL!'s vocal is spotlighted and has to do all the all the heavy lifting of the melody and it's done with control and soul

The sound of the clean, what I think is a hollow body guitar, gives the song a sexy smooth groove.

If this was released in the 90's it would most definitely feature heavily oiled men with open white shirts!

RUSSELL!'s voice has a self assured quality, regular listeners to the podcast will know how I feel about singing from experience and truth, and judging by the way he sings this it must have been one hell of an encounter!



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