Pulse park "Apollonian Heart" review

Canadian indie band 'Pulse Park' released their debut EP pulse park back In May of 2020, now I know what your thinking why has it taken so long for me to review ? Well the short answer is we only knew about these guys in January of this year. Their bio is somewhere between playfully obsurd or stone cold truth. I haven't decided yet whether they were on a polar expedition and part of a crew that introduced a breeding program for Bowhead Whales and that these experiences spawned inspiration for these songs? (Seems legit, right?) All I know is, they are some solid indie tunes.

From the very opening, the guitar sound on Appolonian heart has a neon charged vibe that grabbed my attention. Lead vocalist Marc Silas has a great shoegaze voice that's got a early 80's tone that's been rubbed with the preceeding decades that have past, that make it current and retro all at once. It helps that the production on his voice has a 40's radio announcers resonance.

There's a swing feel to the whole song, like a heart beat that's completely helped along by the solid back bone of drums.

They say they have been compared to bands like Sonic Youth and Joy Division, well where's there's smoke there's fire

It's all produced well and I enjoyed the rumble of the bass everytime I listened.

For some reason it didn't impress upon me a whale breeding program, more smokey dark dance floors with the cool kids, unimportantly dancing self conciously in a venue you know you aren't cool enough to be in, but you can self conciously dance as good as them to this anyway