Peter Colclasure "Una corde" single review

Peter Colclasure released the single "Una corde" from the album of the same name on the 20th October.

Written over the winter of 2019/2020 and innocent of the looming pandemic. Peter wanted to create something calm.

I was sat in a hospital room waiting for an endoscopy when I was listening to this, my anxiety was high and my nerves jangling, then the arrpregio's came in, in that warm celesta tone. They gave me a feeling of warm security.

The whole song makes me feel like your watching a day unfold at sunrise as the slow mélee of the day begins over the rooftops of a city.

It's truly calming, mediative and very well executed. There's wonder and mystery in the piano strikes.

Each instrument feels independent and telling it's own story while still working in symbiosis with the other sounds.

The changes keep it interesting and I found it very calming

So...mission accomplished!

Wayne..... Yhhtmpc

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