'lost and found' by "pale lady" single review

New Zealand's Pale lady unveiled their latest single "lost and found" at the start of January.

The energy that pulses through this song is projected from the circular sound in the intro before breaking into some early 2000's pop punk riffs that'll get you up in a morning.

Don't mistake this for a walk down nostalgia alley though, besides pulling on the infectious pop punk from my early 20's there is also a contemporary nature to the songs. There's a lovely crisp sound to the overdrive on the guitars and the snare of the drums rings out like a rifle shot.

But enough of this waffle, above all else it's just a fun upbeat song that's lively and energetic. The brilliant anthemic racing chorus made me think of the film 'his girl Friday' at the rate of words that was spilled in a short space of time.

Do yourself a favour and listen to this and lighten your mood.



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