Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell destroys review of "central park West"

"Central park West" is taken from L.A musician Nick Campbell Destroys latest ep "lo-fi bass music for quarantine" which was released back in August 2020.

Just chill....breathe....and relax. Imagine yourself lying on the grass at your favourite festival with all the hustle going on somewhere else, but your patch of earth is in perfect earshot of the chill out tent and all you can hear is this.

Yeah! That! Exactly!

This piece of music is smooth as cream with a couple of spikey corners just to keep things interesting.

You start with an ever so slight afro beat feel that settles into a neo soul/jazz vibe that picks up an awesome head bopping groove.

The vibe of the whole song is just calm, perfect for the turbulent times we find ourselves in, and just when it starts to take a strange turn Nick Campbell knows when to stop.

It's really well crafted and pieced together also avant-garde enough for the hardcore jazz fan but accessible for the rest of us.

I especially enjoyed the organ seemingly tapping out Morse code

It's a cool track that made me feel cooler for hearing it.

Wayne. Yhhtmpc

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