Nero Kane single 'lord won't come' review

Nero Kane's single 'lord won't come' was released on 30th October taken from the album 'tales of faith and lunacy'

Described as Italian pysch-folk, Nero Kane's press release says he is evoking a dark western tinged cinematic style.

Well..... bang on!

From the opening bars you can almost see monument valley and a solitary wind flowing across brown earth. From the lyrics you get the sense of a forsaken place.

When the overdrive guitar comes in its over almost chanted lyrics and has a drone feel to it.

When they say western tinged they are not talking about the John ford and John Wayne type westerns but rather the neo westerns of more recent times. The gritty ones like Unforgiven or the assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford. Gritty and longing, sparse and romantic.

The end of the song is a quiet menagerie of sounds all coming to the fact the "lord won't come" and they truly have been forgotten.

Massively cinematic and sweeping in its minimalistic scope



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