Mood taeg double a-side single "corpora/konkord"

Mood Teag (pronounced mood tag) released their double A side single "corpora/ konkord" on the 11th December.

They are a Scottish/German musical project who cite Kraftwork and neu! as influences.

In this review I shall only be focusing on "Konkord" featuring the Dundee spoken word poet Andrew French.

From the intro I was transported back to the early 2000's with bands like Royksøpp and the Avante Garde EDM that was produced in that period. It's a beautiful understated frenetic tempo that gets its hooks into you, like a pulse felt in your hand.

Andrew French's delivery is intoxicatingly thought provoking. The double meanings in his poetry,set against the back drop of the fantastic electronics made me really sit up and pay attention.

"The machine thinks it's more important than the people who work the machine" deep right?

It's incredibly produced, there's obvious comparisons to something like 'sunscreen' but I was picking up flavours of ' public service broadcasting' mixing musical motifs with the found talking head clips

It's an engaging bop of a tune.



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