Mia Simones 'holiday dream' review

L.A's Mia Simone released her seasonal song 'holiday dream' in November all ready for Christmas. This is her third release this year after 'memories of you' and 'I'm good' in September.

This is a sweet and bright song just like the chorus states. It's warm and calm. Mia has a certain contemporary indie feel to her voice but it's mellower and inviting which fits the tone of the song. She sings the song as if it's a very fond memory, and one she's happy to revisit.

This is not a out and out obvious song about Christmas but the lyrics are constructed well and the production has a fuzzy fairy light glow to it. The drums have had all the edges shaved off so the skins sound loose and the guitars are all mid and have a family fireside sing along strum sound to them.

One of my favourite parts of the song is the stripped down refrain where Mia's voice is delicate and warm (I've used 'warm' alot in this review but I think that's what I felt while listening to it)

The opening notes, which for me, evoke a classic black and white Christmas film motif, like your watching it on a t.v you have to tune. This theme is used throughout the song and it promoted a nostalgia of watching tv by the Christmas tree waiting for Santa to come.

It's a song about memory and making memories with the ones you love and what better time of year to do it than Christmas.



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