Metaspion album track review "kundalini"

Norwegian musical innovator Metaspion released his second album "cryptomeduza" on the 30th October. "Kundalini" is the opening track from that album.

"Metapion mixes electronic music with Nordic folk". We get lots of submissions and when you read something like that it immediately gets your attention, but I have been burnt before, the promise of something I've not heard before only to be let down when it's less innovation and more imitation. This thankfully is not that.

Not since someone like enigma back in the 90's have I come across something like this where it marries two different styles and makes it feel quite natural.

They are never at odds with each other, what Metaspion does is use the dark electronic sounds to meet the already dark themes of the folk so they are not at odds with each other but rather they are symbiotic.

The motifs he's using are obviously from old Nordic tunes but because of the synths they could be long forgotten music from another solar system.

This all mixed with the ethereal supernatural ritualistic feel of the chanting give it a feeling of intrusion.

The energy of the track is great, almost marching along with some great touch's of European EDM.



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