Little love and the friendly vibe "snowflakes" review

Released in December of 2017 "snowflakes" is a Christmas tune by Edinburgh atlernative indie band Little love and the friendly vibe from Edinburgh, that's in Scotland!

Written by Martin J Smith with a video that features singer leonora Winstanley taking lead vocals, and I quote "cos shes better looking than the rest of us"

From the opening guitar strums there's nothing Christmasy about this, but there totally is as well! Whether that's because it's called "snowflakes" and it's already embedded that it's about Xmas is a debate for a psychologist not a music reviewer.

The first thing you react to is that it's quite a dismal out look lyrically, disguised as a fun upbeat tune. I love those sort of songs. They catch you of guard. It feels like waking up on Christmas morning expecting snow and getting rain.

There's a brilliant earthy feel to the whole thing and that matches up to the great video with its scenic shots and lingering images of livestock.

I love that the Christmas elements of the song, musically, come half way in the song,

the lovely twinkling of a glockenspiel, it's gives the whole thing a sucker punch of hope, a sort of pound land Christmas decoration vibe; it's glittering but ultimately sad.

The main lyrical motif of the song is lovely and brilliantly ambiguous "no two snowflakes look the same, but these two look like rain"

This lyric could be adapted to some many situations in our ever changing lives.

When you don't notice something when you listen it's mainly because it's doing it's job very well and that's the bass and drums, solid throughout, as provided by Steven little and Graham Bodenham respectively.

The guitar work is simply complex all mixed with Leonoras melancholic optimistic vocal.

It's pieced together so nicely and there's almost a folk club feel to it. I would love to be in a pub in the middle of a great Christmas vibe and these guys play this, that my friends would be Christmas magic.