'In my bones' by JP Sunga Review

Toronto based pop artist JP Sunga released his latest single 'In my bones' in January 2021 which will form part of his debut album that will be released later this year.

I love when you know exactly where a song is gonna take you (not a criticism). The gentle opening gives way to solid pop crescendo and it a crescendo of solid pop. It's a great bop that has his lovely nostalgic 90's feel in its production and JP sings it with restrained gusto that's sweet and uplifting.

The poppy beat is then reduced to a sparse middle 8 that has a chanted mantra of "being free" and JP states that this song is about silencing self doubt, mix this with the last verse/chorus of "I'm ready now" gives the song a nice closure to the story.

Check out the video too, it's rocking a Flashdance/Rocky vibe.