"the house my parents later sold" by Jonas KällStrand

Gothenburg based folk artist Jonas Källstrand released "The house that my parents later sold" a couple of years ago, but it's too good not to talk about.

It's funny how there's seas and entire countries, not to mention cultural differences between England and Sweden, but the similarities between the shared experiences of this song are undeniable.

The earnestness in Jonas' voice is a major draw, reminiscent of someone like Damian Rice. There's truth and honesty, like all good folk songs. It's nostalgic and melancholic, exactly how I feel about my forgotten childhood. My bike wasn't a knights horse it was streethawk but I still feel that sentiment.

There's a great structure to the song. The flow of the lyrics feel like memories falling from his mouth, like he's talking with an old friend.

The guitar is brilliantly recorded for this song, it has the perfect resonance, like it's been recorded lazily draped across his lap.

The song is a coming of age tale that certainly does it for me.