"The life of Gary" by IN Peril single review

Northampton based post punks "IN Peril" released "the life of Gary" back in January

I haven't heard (ironically) a band that sounds like they've literally time traveled from the 80's punk scene since we started this cast in 2018.

IN Peril may just be that band.

Everything about this song is basic (and that is not a criticism) as all pure sounding punk should be.

Punk for me shares DNA with folk, as it has no time for bullshit. It's just play your instruments and speak your truth. These guys are singing about a "Gary" and I guarantee you know a "Gary"just like these guys do.

The guitars are raw and unpretentiously so, like the guitarists found a tone they like and played, no pissing about with 17 FX pedals to find the perfect 'tone' (I am one of these FX junkies).

It's overdrive and away you go.

The song structure is a powerchord delight, no surprises and I bet this is played at lightning speed live.

The drums are underproduced and slightly tinny and I love that they are. Now everything I have said could be a brilliant pretense by IN Peril and they have worked tirelessly to recreate that raw punk sound but I hope not.

The vocal isn't perfect, which I really like, it stands out in a crowd and has an undertones'y /buzzcocks quality.

Some old fashioned punk like the cool kids used to listen too ? Yes please.

Check out IN Peril