Florence Armen

Florence Arman's "home" review

Singer/songwriter Florence Arman's latest single "Home" was released on the 18th November ahead of her debut e.p also called "home" coming out next year.

In these uncertain times we have all felt that pull to "home", that warm familiar safeness and that is what Florence is conveying in this song.

The first thing I noticed about this track is that the vibe is great and the sounds feel like they have been passed through a cosy log fire, it's toasty.

Growing up with split time between the UK and Germany has certainly given Florence the experience to write such a song.

There's a lovely flow to her lyrics that are sang with the correct amount of regretful saccharine cynicism.

The music and lyrics work so well capturing the mood of reflection.

Although the production feels quite sparse there's alot going on and it's credit to the production in making it feel all at once low key and wide.

Fantastic alt pop song


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