Dom Clark Trio

Dom Clark trios "old town bells" review

London's Dom Clark trio released their single "old town bells" on the 6th November ahead of the debut scheduled for 2021.

Ever so slightly bucking against the trend of modern folk songs "old town bells" goes straight for a provoking nostalgia and by gone feels like they are playing and singing for times they've never known, romantic days of gaslight and chips in newspapers.

The warm sound of the singing mixed with traditional instruments give this a cosy feeling, dare I say even Christmasy?. And it's sang with a wonderful sepiaed melancholia. The mandolin sets the scene to a medieval market scene, while the trumpet gives it a salvation army playing hymns solitude. The inclusion of the French nursery rhyme frere Jacques is so well hidden in plain sight it drove me mad trying to work out what it was.

Lovely earthy production that isn't too polished as to loose their spirit.

Puts me in mind of Ralph Mctells streets of London and Fairport Conventions "Percy's song

A story abstractly told but one we can all relate to.