Single review for C'est karma's "industrial salt"

Luxembourg's C'est karma released new song "industrial salt" on the 11th November and it's taken from her e.p "Farbfilm" that was released on the 27th November.

From the very start I wanted to watch the scandi noir this is the title theme too!

It has the same vibe as something like that of apparat's theme to dark or hollow talk by the choir of young believers from the bridge.

It's dark and brooding with the low-key synth underpinning, it warbles like the lay lines of the magnetic earth.

C'est karma says the song explores her grandparents move to a country that was completely unknown to them, and I think she manages to communicate this change of world's really well through the build of the song and the manipulation of her voice becoming more alien, almost to the point of being a vocaloid.

It's well put together and mixed with her soft smokey vocal gives it a strange anxiety throughout. Slow, purposeful, dark and intriguing

Wayne..... Yhhtmpc

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