devices. "I need to win"

Birmingham 5 piece indie band "By devices" released their latest single "I need to win" on 12th November.

There's a dark urgency that hits you straight away and grabs you, drags you into the intro. The slight industrial electro feel that's slides into the guitar sound is so well measured as to almost go unnoticed but fills the sound and give it a anxious edge.

The falsettoness of the lead vocals increase the manic urgency to a fevered run that will cement this as an indie disco staple.

The whole song is directed well and brilliantly layered with a lovely flow and perfect falls and builds.A real mixed bag of influences, incorporating all the sounds and heritage from the city they hail including 10 seconds of some unexpected ska guitar strikes.Lovely piece of indie that makes the genre feel alive.

Wayne - Yhhtmpc

You can listen to it here: