Breaking bands fest/ White Tygër gig

On Saturday 19th June we (myself-Wayne and Ritchie) were fortunate to be asked to an invitation only gig by the people behind the Breaking bands festival, and what with the world pulling itself back together we thought why the hell not!!

Picture the scene Im sat on my sofa at about 3pm Saturday afternoon with this absurd feeling that I was going to be doing something I hadn't done in 15 months- Go and experience live music!! I was nervous and excited. The thought of being in a gig situation after all this time filled me with equal amounts of hope and dread, like I'm guessing it will for a lot of people.

By the time I arrived at my co-hosts house my fear had all but been replaced with excitement.

So off we set on a long expected journey.

We arrived.....after at first driving straight past the place. Thinking that a festival surely couldn't take place at a sports social club?

Well I'm happy to admit my mistake.

Stoke prior sports and social club to be exact.

Yes it's a sports social club, the type we all grew up using and frequenting for birthdays and weddings, but after speaking to Jay ,one of the founders and organisers of the breaking bands festival, he painted such a vivid picture of the lovely chaos and warm hearted community they have built that it didn't take much stretching of my imagination to see they have something very special in their hands. The site is around 5-6 acres of flat sports field, and from the picture Jay painted the tents and festival revellers we dancing ghosts in front of my eyes.

We spoke in a gazebo (and you can hear that conversation on episode 13 of season 4 of the podcast) he was warm, funny, candid and one of those people who you just know had a suitcase full of stories and anecdotes

I'm not ashamed to say my longing for festival frolics got turned up to 11 after our conversation.

Then on to the main event.......CAKE!!!

Yes there was cake as it was also our lovely hosts birthday.

But the real main event. A Headline set from thrash/heavy rock/hair metallers White Tygër!!

The show was full of energy from the get go.

Playing a mix of rock covers and original material that slotted in so perfectly there was no disjoint between them. These guys look the part and sound the part. Exquisite musicianship with a stage show that's very polished for a band who has only been together for a short time.

The covid compliant crowd loved it! rocking out from there own designated tables.

White Tygër rocked on and out well into the night smashing out one rock classic after another.

It was a joy to be out in the world again and so much fun to break my 15 month gig duck with these people, seeing a band who is 100% party.