Single review of "Alerts" by BK Pepper

Released as a single on 4th February "Alerts" is the latest single from Dublin based classical musician BK Pepper and forms part of the neo classical "Territories" album, which was released in 2020.

From the opening luscious solitary piano notes, I knew this was gonna be good. They have this old, worn-in sound that seems to have a history.

This whole composition is about movement and pulses.

The piano notes hook you in but there's a ticking clock beat that overwhelmed me with anxiety (in a good way). This is the start of a truly cinematic build, it's Hans Zimmeresque.

The mixture of the orchestral and digital sounds are complimentary never diminishing to either side, working flawlessly in unison.

The musicianship throughout is classy and never workman like. It feels like a true collaboration, there's heart and soul in every note.

I listened to this track many times before watching the excellent sci-fi themed video, which only seems to add to the song even more.

Beautiful, evocative and slightly devastating.

Wayne..... Yhhtmpc

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