Beyond Extinctions new single "god complex" review.

5 piece Essex death metallers Beyond Extinction released their new song "God Complex" on 27th November ahead of their e.p release "the fatal flaw of humankind" in January 2021.

Rage is such an honest emotion and it's felt through every beat of this track (and trust me you can feel it)

After listening to the bands previous releases (Dunstrider and the Retribution e.p):the bands sound has progressed from a more hardcore/ sludge sound to a polished post nu metal Scape that sees them realising an evolution.

The scream of "no forgiveness" is one of defiance and outrage that is followed by a riot of a sonic arsenal.

The guitars have a sound like they were made in a drop forge by the beating of the drums and shaped by the equatorial width of the bass sound.

Solidly done with technique and flair far beyond their teenage years.

Brutal and splintering,



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