'Impossible to possible' by Aye

Japanese London based "aye" pronounced 'I'

Released her first single impossible to possible in January.

Since starting this podcast many things have become apparent to me. One of them being that my taste in music even surprises me!!

I had no idea that I was a synth lover, but there it is.

Aye's style is definitely daft punkish and she states that they are an influence on her and why not.

I was getting a think vein of early 80's electro like soft cell and visage. I especially love the thundering arpeggios. There's no denying the daft punk influence in the construction of the lyrics and vocals, which are joyously uplifting with there lo-fi design, and the whole thing makes me want to shimmy.

The song is screaming out for a Lazer light show over several thousand dancing people lost in the ambient noise of it all.

Love it