We at "You haven't heard this music podcast are on a journey to make an entertaining platform in which we ourselves and lesser known artists can be heard. We believe all good artists should have a stage in which to be heard. Unfortunatly, unless you are mainstream, it is hard these days to get a stage. We want to be your stage in which to be heard by the masses. Through our journey we have discoverd Artists that far outshine those in the mainstream. Yet they are out there throwing cash around to promoters, managers and the lykes. A painter in an art gallery wouldnt go out and give people money to come and look at their work. You would have to either pay to buy it or pay to go see it. Music artists should be the same. We give you free promotion, because you shouldn't have to pay to be heard. Unfortunatly this means that we dont get paid for all the hard work we put into the show and everything around it. Hopefully we will in future be able to get sponsors, which will help improve our tech and pay for someone to work on the project full time. But until that time, we will continue to do our best to get you and your work out there.

We are always on the lookout for new artists and welcome all submissions. Artists can submit their work to info@yhhtmpc.com

The Team