Adapted to screen podcast

In this episode. Ritchie and Phil are joined by Comedian and screen writer Paul Kerensa to talk all things Running man.

You haven't heard this music podcast. S05-E16 (Side-A)

This week, Doug and Justin chat about YouTube overcoming Twitch for live streams, give a shoutout to Ritchie from You Haven’t Heard This Music Productions, recap the video game stream featuring Rifftrax: The Game and Justin shares all the info for the funding of his first feature film, Love & Improv. The dorks then talk about Dries Depoorter’s AI project called The Follower, which uses open cameras and AI to find how an Instagram photo is taken. A fan in the chat compels Doug to consider how to prep his daughter for the internet. Doug shares stories about helping his daughter with homework for the first time, how he’s prepping to have tough conversations about the USA’s complicated history, and how she loves reading his comics. This leads into a discussion from Jules Terpak about how popular “influencers'' can wreck normal people’s lives by posting potentially inflammatory videos online without consent. Things are wrapped up with another segment of Anime Out of Context featuring part 3 of Bastard!!.

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